About Us


Elite Eisteddfod is a dance competition with a difference.

Elite Eisteddfod began with the idea that parents, studio directors and children should all enjoy the experience of competition.

We are offering a centrally located event with two stages to minimise time involved by busy studio directors and parents.

We want to encourage families to watch so we are not charging admission. 

We are offering a canteen for food  and a bar for drinks in the evening to encourage a relaxed “show time” atmosphere.

Elite Eisteddfod provides a friendly competition which respects the courage it takes to stand on stage in front of an audience and perform.

We value every performer and the unique skills they bring to the stage.  Offering performers the opportunity to be critiqued by judges who understand the specific genre they are adjudicating  makes this competition a fantastic learning opportunity for each and every performer

Perth has the best studios and the best local talent.  

c Elite Eisteddfod 2018